Who Am I?

Hi! I'm Dave Green a software developer based in Northampton in the UK. I'm a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer in both store and web applications along with various other professional certifications. I am one of those people who really does like their job and I also like to keep learning the latest technologies.

Intelligent Labs is my online portfolio, blog and web presence for contract/consutancy work.

Mittens, QA Lead

If you have a project you would like us to help with, you can get in touch via our Contact page. The areas we work in include:

Windows Development (WPF/XAML)
Not all applications need to be mobile, often you need something small and powerfull to run on your desktop or laptop PC's. I have extensive experience with WPF and XAML to create tools and applications including intergration with TFS, Office, Windows Server and Azure. Whatever you need, we can probably help with.
Universal Windows Platform
Desktop, laptop, tablet or phone? When done correctly UWP can work seemlessly between these devices. And I can do it correctly! We can even port older applications to this new technology.
Android native or via Xamarin
Phone or Tablet? Not a problem, cross platform? Why not! We can develop for the mobile platform with the largest market share. Thanks to Xamarin, we can often use most of the same code as your windows application.
Web Development
From basic HTML5 sites to ASP.NET MVC we are able to develop suitable web solutions.
Web Services
Need a web service? We can cover standard WCF services or develop and host cloud services with Azure or Amazon Web Serivces.
Application Migration
Do you have an old application built in Windows Forms or in a language such as VB6? Do you want it refreshed and updated to the latest technology? Are people scared to do it? More importantly, would you like us to do it for you?

Anybody else involved?

Amber, Director of Spending

Amber Director of Spending

My better half decided on her own job title and I'm still not sure I agree with it! I have not seen her get any business cards with it on yet.

Mittens QA Lead

With a dedication to quality the QA team monitors everything that is done on the computer, often with the magical ability to do with her eyes closed and whilst snoring.

Mittens, QA Lead